What should we be demanding in terms of Legislation?

Want to get as many opinions and comparisons as possible.  We may need to rally in the future under a common banner.  Ano po mga sentiments niyo regarding what are fair gun laws?

My personal wish list as far as legislation goes...

1. No limit to number or type of arms a Filipino can own with exception to crew served weapons, rocket propelled weapons, or weapons classified as light or heavy artillery.  Many pinoys have licensed subguns, carbines, etc. that have select fire.  Let's make it official.

2. Licensing of individuals as to negate red tape and redundancy in application when purchasing firearms.  As long as you meet the age, employment and background requirement that should be enough to buy or receive a bequethed weapon.

3. Removal of psycho testing.  Basic background check should be more than enough.

4. Gun licenses should have no expiration.  A one time fee should be paid to register and license a weapon under an owners name and shall remain so in perpetua.  The only time license status needs to be changed with corresponding processing fees is if the Owner sells the weapon to a new owner; dies; gifts it to a relative or friend; etc.  Other than that a licensed weapon remains status quo and licensed to its original owner forever.  No more fees.  This also gets rid of the tiny problem of a few "loose" (un-renewed licensed weapons) being used in crimes or being counted among the loose guns. Mawawala ang loose kasi lahat licensyado and no one forgets about renewal. 

5. Remove the PTT requirements.  This is ridiculous.  You buy a gun but need a ton of documents to bring it out of the house.  A licensed weapon is a legitimately owned and registered firearm which should be legal to bring out of the home, in a vehicle at any time.  You shouldn't need a PTT or a PTC to bring a gun out to go to the shooting range or anywhere where its legal to shoot or practice.  If it's licensed you should be able to bring it anywhere. 

6. In relation to 5 you should be allowed legally to carry any gun concealed in your vehicle at your own risk without the need for a PTC for self defense purposes as the gun is licensed and legally a car is considered an extension of your home and private property. 

7. The same basic legal requirements (age, nationality, background check, good standing, etc.) should be the simple basis for granting PTC's.  Additional requirements such as FA safety, etc. may be added.  They need to make it easy for us to get PTC's.

8. Removal of all gun bans during election.  They can't stop the bad guys from bringing around guns to intimidate or harrass voters or commit crimes during gun ban so they might as well let us bring ours around and remove the ban altogether. 

9. Remove all limitations on ammunition.  You should be able to stock and keep as little or as much ammo as you see fit without government telling you what to do without licenses or special permits etc. 

10. Acknolwedge and allow accessories such as NV, suppressors, etc. to be officially permittable.  Suppressors are not for killers.  They are also tactical in nature and are an effective tool in real defense situations.  You shouldn't be criminalized or demonized for owning or wanting one. 

11. No limit as to the caliber of weapon that can be owned.  If you have a property that is safe to shoot a .50 BMG sniper rifle out to 2500 meters then by all means if that's what you want you should be able to do it legally as long as its a legitimately obtained and licensed weapon. 

12. Amendment of our constitution to inject FA ownership as an inalienable, God Given right and not a privilege. 

What do you guys want? 

New Legislation is Unlcear

If they will pass that bill, they have to make it more specific; or should I say, more clear. There are many things that are still open to debates. We don't want our new PROGun people to be cornered and get "huli-dapped" by those people in uniform.


Sharing a story from the guy where I got my hardware:


Mr.Licenced (just for the name sake, ok?) is transporting his gun. On his way, he was stopped by PO-Hulidap (again, for name sake). PO-Hulidap is trying to tell that Mr.Licenced has a violation, and creating his own set of rules. Reason: Mr.Licenced gun is very attractive.


We gun-lovers like to make our harware look the coolest way we want, right? So naturally, I would like to keep the rare piece that I have; because I'm sure that corrupt people out there will like my hardware very much, compared to what they are carrying. He he he.


There are many more items on the new law that should be fixed, and my comment will become a long story if I will say all the points to consider.


I've heard many stories like that punven.  Even me I've got prized HK pistols.  I'm scared to bring them around even with complete papers.  Baka paginteresan ng Hulidap na PNP.  I also feel that apart from being unclear the new legislation is unreasonable.  First and foremost were we consulted?  You should not be able to constitutionally and unilaterally pass laws like this without consulting extensively the stakeholders who will be affected.  It's dictatorial.  It's contradictory to democratic freedom.  Nice comment bro. 


If I may add to please remove the dangerous and impractical requirement of allowing us to carry our handguns only in clutch bags or belt bags.

If we must have PTC why limit it based on profession? It should be available to anyone who is under threat and is properly certified to carry. Properly certified means that the PTCFOR holder should know not only how to use a handgun, but also when and where to use it and the consequences that follow.



Di pala pwede holster?

@ +1000's repy...bawal bang naka holster and concealed on your person?  kailagan bag?  I was not aware of this.  Is this part of the new law or old existing PTC law and carried over with 10591?

Bawal ang holster!

@RafjGunner... Nakaenprenta sa likod ng PTC card. :(

PTC rules

the rules printed at the back of the PTC card are very vague. it should be black and white. 

Trustee license

In some states in the US, there is something called a Trustee License. This is basically a license who "ride on" your license to use your gun.

Case in point, if you are out of town and someone breaks into your house, your wife or son (of discerning age) should be allowed to use your gun to defend themselves in such an event.

It seems that with our current law, if your wife or son or daughter uses your gun to defend themselves in a house burglary, it is illegal and they can be charged with a crime.


More new info

Again...hindi ako aware sa ganyan...I was always under the impression that within your own home, in the even of invasion your family has the right to take up your arms and defend.  Now I'm really starting to question our laws.  Medyo kailagan na tayo mag masa at magusap ng seryoso.  We can't live under dictatorship.  My 64 year old father recalls a time when he bought his first gun after college.  Walang license.  Basta submit ka ng ID and you can buy.  Panahon pa noon daw eh...open carry sila.  What has happened to us? 

Our government has become

Our government has become profit oriented insted of service --------

Back gtound check of suspects

I heard of the "operation lambat sibat" which is being implemented by the PNP as to date, this maybe effective to some extent but not successful most of the time, Specifically going after known criminals because such criminals are publicly known and a menace to the community is the better alternative. They should remember that Criminal laws are for Criminals and not for good citizens, Laws should not be passed to make good citizens criminals and criminals to have an easy way out. Strategizing arrest of known criminals with the use of intel funds is better rather than check points wherein it slows traffic to the inconvenience of the riding public just because they suspect a criminal might passby-------