PNP Imposes One Permit-to-Carry Firearm Rule and One Long One Short Ownership

PNP imposes only one permit-to carry-firearm rule
by Alfred Dalizon
Monday, 21 June 2010 18:15

MAMANG PULIS -- ONLY one Permit-to-Carry-Firearm Outside of Residence (PTCFOR) will be issued by the Philippine National Police to licensed gun holders this time.

The “one PTCFOR policy” will be part of the much tougher gun control program in the country designed to arrest gun-related violence. Under the same policy, a PTCFOR will be issued to a licensed gun holder provided he or she complies with nine strict requirements, PNP spokesman, Chief Supt. Leonardo A. Espina said.

Espina said PNP chief, Director General Jesus A. Verzosa decided that a PTCFOR will be issued only for a handgun. “Those in possession of automatic rifles and machine pistols will not be given a PTCFOR,” he explained.

A single PTCFOR will be issued to a licensed gun holder provided he or she submits the following requirements: an application form with 2X2 ID pictures; a letter-request addressed to the Chief, PNP (Attention, Chief, Firearms and Explosives Division); proof or document showing that the applicant is under actual threat or his life is in imminent danger; xerox copy of the renewed firearm license; xerox copy of the expired permit for renewal; NBI or Directorate for Intelligence clearance (Regional Intelligence Clearance for provincial applicants); neuro-psychiatric test; drug test; and gun safety seminar with pictures during the seminar and actual proficiency test (firing test).

Private individuals including businessmen and professionals have to pay the PTCFOR a fee of P4,000 and the PTCFOR ID card worth P150.

Verzosa said a maximum of one long and one short firearm will be allowed for every individual in the country, Espina said.

Those in possession of more than two licensed firearms prior to the issuance of the new strict directive will be allowed to keep them provided they are safely placed within the confines of the gun holders’ respective houses. Owners of more than two guns should also register them regularly with the PNP Firearms and Explosives Division to avoid any criminal liability.

Espina said police will also accost gun holders including members of the PNP, the Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies who are carrying guns in the streets without a PTCFOR.

A senior official involved in the drafting of the new guideline said the move is aimed at arresting the practice of some law enforcement officials to issue mission orders and memorandum receipts to civilians who are not in their regular plantilla in gross violation of the law.

The official said they have noted that prior to the 5-months election period, there are too many civilian gun holders who are armed with mission orders and memorandum receipts issued by agencies such as the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the National Bureau of Investigation.

He said individuals possessing MOs and MRs will be accosted and their gun papers checked with the issuing agency to lessen non-government plantilla agents with MOs and MRs.

“This is highly-irregular. Civilians who are not under the government payroll should not be given MOs and MRs. Apart from that, we want to stop the practice of some law enforcement officers outside the PNP who sell these MOs and MRs,” the official added.

Verzosa ordered tougher gun rules to prevent the possibility of having more guns that can be used to commit crimes in the streets.

As part of the new policy, Verzosa said he is mulling the centralization of the neuro-psychiatric and drug tests for PTCFOR applicants to prevent the possibility that these examinations would be faked and eliminate the existence of unscrupulous independent testing centers.

Starting after midnight of June 9, all unexpired PTCFORs issued to licensed gun holders in the country became valid anew as the nationwide gun ban ended.


When does this take

When does this take effect?

It's absolutely amazing that our life has to be in danger first (proof or document showing that the applicant is under actual threat or his life is in imminent danger) before we can even apply for a PTC.

Less amazing is that AFAD is taking this lying down (a maximum of one long and one short firearm will be allowed), with the upcoming gunshow and all.

What I've also heard at FED

What I've also heard at FED is that persons who carries issued firearms from other Law Enforcement Agencies/Offices should also secure PTCFOR.  Their MR will act as their license.

Even PNP and AFP could not carry their issued FA's if they don't have PTCFORS and they will be accosted even if they are covered with MO/LO. What are they trying to do? Other law enforcement agencies need the approval of C,PNP when they want to carry their firearms?

This will cause misunderstanding between PNP, AFP and other LEO's when they accost each other at the streets.



Silence of the lambs

The silence of AFAD on gun issues no longer surprises me. I guess some people were just simply BORN MUTE. :D


One is either a prey or predator.  Your call.    Lambs are the favorites of predators.   If I can help it, I refuse to be a victim.