Can Americans Legally Own a Firearm in the Philippines?

Hello Everyone. I am an American, I live in Quezon City, and I am interested in legally owning a handgun. I plan to purchase Springfield Armory XD(M) 9MM Compact I havent decided whether to purchase it in the states and bring here or try and find it in the Philippines.

My question is, can I, being American, legally own a handgun?

If so, whats the procedure for bringing it into the country?

If I cant bring it into the country and I have to purchase it here, where is the best place to buy?


Thank you in advance for your assistance.

firearm ownership by foreigners

Hi. I am not familiar regarding ownership issues for foreigners. As far as i know, you have to be a Filipino citizen to own a firearm in the PH.

As for sourcing it, I purchased my xd(m) from Nashe Enterprises a year ago. I was also at Twin Pines the other day and I saw that they have a unit on display. Both shops are located in Makati Cinema Square, Makati City.

It will be impossible for you to bring in a firearm from the US other than through an authorized gun shop. Take not however that firearm prices here are typically 3x the US price.

Answer - firearm ownership by foreigners

As far as I know and from what the PNP has said - NO.

The only exception is for diplomats..


I just hope you're married to a Filipino Citizen =) wink wink!

It is a priviledge of being a

It is a priviledge of being a Filipino Citizen to legally own guns here in the Philippines. As far as i can remember it is what it stated under the Philippine Laws... And it is illegal to bring guns from abroad without import permits duly approved by the Government agencies concerned primarily the PNP.

Gun Ownership and Balikbayans

Magandang Araw sa lahat.  New to this forum.  Does anyone know if balikbayans who were former Filipino citizens can own a handgun in the Philippines?  I also would like to know if Permits to Carry Outside of Residence are issued to private citizens.  I would appreciate any information regarding this matter.  Thank you in advance.


Americans or any foreigners should be given the chance to own a gun or weapon in the Philippines. however, before they can possess such gun or weapon, they should take some psychological or mental test to avoid incidents or accidents that will endanger people around them. besides, they should not own more than one gun or weapon and it should be left at home and not carry it with them.

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I think from what I heard

I think from what I heard that you can't bring a gun here in the Philipines that came from other countries. You have to buy a gun here in the Philipines.

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I think

I think you have to be a filipino citizen to have a permit, but these regulaions also have exemptions specially for country representatives. Dependin on the reason why you should carry a firearm, the permission will also varry.

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foreigners +guns....

I was reading, somewhere, that a "compensated" veteran from the USA, GB, Australia and Canada can apply for a gun permit. You must be drawing retirement or disability compensation. I found it months ago but can't now. I see that a new gun/ammo law was just passed so will see what that says.